Edwards Spectron 5000 Helium Leak Detector

Edwards Spectron 5000 Helium Leak Detector

Sold as is or Unit can be reconditioned upon request.

Manufacturer Edwards
Model Spectron 5000
High Vacuum Pump Type Diffusion Pump
Roughing Pump Capacity 418.21  l/m  (14.80 CFM)
Test Port Connection KF 40
Interface RS 232
Audio Alarm with Variable Pitch Yes
Internal Calibrated Leak Included
Built-In Roughing Pump Included
E2M28, E2M1.5
Other Information Part no: L18320010
CE Label
Detectable leak:

  • Massive: 9×10-2 to 1×10-4 mbar
  • Gross: 9×10-1 to 3×10-9 mbar
  • Fine: 9×10-3 to 2×10-11 mbar
Power Requirements 200-240 V     13.0 A     50/60 Hz     1 Phase
Condition Very Good
Exterior Dimensions
  Width 23.000  in  (58.4 cm)
  Depth 29.000  in  (73.7 cm)
  Height 48.000  in  (121.9 cm)
Weight 419  lb  (190 kg)

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