Varian Auto-Test 947 Helium Leak Detector

The Agilent / Varian 947 Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector is a Platform Auto-Test® Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors. The 947 leak detector has a rugged metal enclosures that are mounted on casters for greater mobility. A key is used to access the lockable turret that houses the service pendant. It can be configured with dry or wet pumps. The unit features fully automatic operation, auto calibration, computer optimized preamplifier, LED display, and high sensitivity (2×10-11).

Fully automatic operation and spectrometer tuning

■ One button Pass/Fail testing
■ Fully protected from the possibility of operator errors,
air inrushes, and power failures
■ Specially-designed high conductance valve manifold

■ Reduces pump down times for faster test cycling
■ No compressed air required

■ Allows testing parts and systems with massive leaks
■ Clean room compatible enclosure

■ Unit can be remotely controlled and provide
complete real time testing data
■ Enhanced reliability when testing wet or out gassing

■ Extra high fine test transfer pressure for fastest

■ Sensitivity
2 x 10-10 atm cc/sec (helium) (Turbo/DP)
2 x 10-9 atm cc/sec (MacroTorr)
■ Leak Indication
A 50-segment bar graph indicator displays leak rates from
10 cc to 2 x 10-10 atm cc/sec automatically. The manual mode
can also be used for any decade scale.
A leak can also trigger an audible alarm whose frequency
varies in proportion to the size of the leak.
■ Spectrometer Tube
The pre amplifier is computer optimized, temperature stabilized, and solid state. Programmed warm up minimizes startup time. The tube is kept at a constant temperature at all
times to maintain stability. The ion source has dual filaments
of long-life, thoria-coated iridium.
■ Cycle Time
Blanked port can be cycled to fine leak test in 4 seconds. The
auto sequencer feature provides clear accept/reject signals and
allows programming the roughing, testing, and cycling times.
■ High Vacuum Pump 70 l/s air-cooled, maintenance-free Turbo or MacroTorr pump.
■ Automatic Valve Sequencing Microprocessor-controlled valve operation for automatic system cycling. The test and roughing valves are vacuum actuated, requiring no air supply. Automatic
shutdown is achieved with one switch function.
■ Test Port 11⁄8 in (28 mm) ID quick coupling type, KF25
adapter included.
■ Power Requirements 115 V and 220 V, 50/60 Hz, (30/15 amps).
■ Cabinet
The front panel is removable to allow easy access
to all components. Electronics are accessed from
hinged turret door and removable back panel.
Cabinet is caster-mounted for mobility.
■ Weight
435 lb (198 kg) approx.
510 lb (232 kg) approx. shipping

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